You can now apply for verification on Instagram 5 years ago

You can now apply for verification on Instagram

You can finally get invited to all of those Blue Tick parties with the other Insta-celebs!

We kid, those parties don't exist.


Or at least we can't actually talk about them... until you get your Blue Tick, then we can talk properly.

Yep, getting verified on Twitter and Instagram is seen as some kind of badge of honour, and as of now, Instagram has made the verification process available to everyone, but not everyone will actually get verified.

As the app itself puts it:

"A verified badge is a check that appears next to an Instagram account's name to indicate that the account is the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity it represents.


"Submitting a request for verification does not guarantee that your account will be verified."

Yep, so just because you've applied, unfortunately, we aren't all Kim Kardashian or The Rock, so you might not get the Blue Tick in any case.

But if you're still wanting to try it out, then this is all you have to do:

Go to your profile.


Go to settings.

Click on "Request Verification".

Put in your name.

Upload a pic of your legal or business ID - so that means a drivers license, passport, tax filing, recent utility bill, stuff like that.


Then send it off, and after an undisclosed amount of time, you'll be given the Blue Tick... or you won't.

We hope you do, though. Because then you can come party with the cool Blue Tick peeps...