New app 'Lick This' promises to improve your skills in the bedroom 9 years ago

New app 'Lick This' promises to improve your skills in the bedroom

The next time you're accused of phoning it in, it might be true

In order to be a quality gentleman, one should always be looking to improve one's self, whether that be in the gym, in the kitchen, or as is vitally important, in the bedroom.


For years it was a case of talking in hushed tones in the corner of a dark cafe to share secrets of success for the mysterious art of oral sex, but now those days may be gone. Lick This is an app that promises to make you better at that particular skill by training your tongue on your phone.

Lick this app

If you want to head along to have a practice, go to on your phone and have a go of one of the three exercises they have on there. After you're done, you can tweet your results or post them to your Facebook, and impress any potential love interests in your friend group.

Of course, JOE can't advise that you lick your phone screen too often, as it's not very clean. Also, like us your screen might be smashed so be careful not to cut your tongue, you'll be on the physically unable to perform list for weeks to come.


Hat-tip to The Frisky and The Metro