New phone virus can be accidentally downloaded without your knowledge 6 years ago

New phone virus can be accidentally downloaded without your knowledge

Do not download these two apps.

Our smartphone is one of the most powerful things that we carry around with us but in recent months it has become as dangerous as it is powerful.


According to security software company, McAfee, there is a new type of malware that threatens to take all your information from your phone and send it your friends.

LeakerLocker can be accidentally downloaded through two apps on Google play and will take your private pictures, messages and internet browsing history and send it to your contacts.

It works by locking your phone's home screen and claiming to have backed up sensitive information you have stored on your phone before threatening to leak the information unless you pay a ransom.

McAfee says that two apps, Wallpapers Blur HD and Booster & Cleaner Pro both have the malware in their apps and should not be downloaded.


The security software giants said that:

“LeakerLocker locks the home screen and accesses private information in the background thanks to its victims granting permissions at installation time.

“Not all the private data that the malware claims to access is read or leaked. The ransomware can read a victim’s email address, random contacts, Chrome history, some text messages and calls, pick a picture from the camera, and read some device information," said a spokesperson for the company.

The two apps have been downloaded a total of 15,000 times but they have both been reported to Google who are currently investigating the matter.


McAfee has said that if LeakerLocker's virus does go on your phone, not to pay the ransom as it will only give the attackers more fire power to continue targeting other people.

The fee that the hackers ask for is $50 and if a payment is not paid a message saying "“No payment has been made yet. Your privacy is in danger," will be sent to the phone.