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13th Sep 2023

Apple to halt specific iPhone sales due to radiation concerns

Rory Cashin


The regulators also ordered Apple to fix the existing iPhone handsets.

Within hours of Apple revealing their new iPhone 15 line-up, including the long-awaited arrival of the USB-C charging port, there were reports that the company could be in some hot water over a previous iteration of the iPhone.

The Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), the French agency that regulates radio frequencies, has reportedly discovered in their testing that the Apple iPhone 12 “emits more electromagnetic waves susceptible to be absorbed by the body than permitted.”

As reported by France 24, the ANFR “ordered Apple to remove the iPhone 12 from the French market from September 12 due to the model exceeding the limit”.


The iPhone 12 launched here in October 2020

The European standard for specific absorption rate of electromagnetic energy by the body is 4.0 watts per kilogram, but as per the report from ANFR accredited labs, it has apparently found that the iPhone 12 absorption levels were up to 5.74 watts per kilogram while the device was being held in a hand or pocket.

Upon these results, the ANFR stated that “Concerning phones already sold, Apple must in the briefest of delays take corrective measures to bring the affected phones into compliance. Otherwise, Apple will have to recall them.”

Meanwhile, the new line of Apple products, the most expensive of which will retail at €1,989, will be available to pre-order from Friday 15 September, and then available to purchase in-store and online from Friday 22 September.

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