Disney+ are beginning to crack down on password sharing 1 month ago

Disney+ are beginning to crack down on password sharing

There is also a cheaper subscription plan incoming for customers in Northern Ireland.

Password crackdowns must be all the rage within streaming services lately, what with Netflix launching an immediate change to their policies on the matter two months ago.


As reported by IGN, Disney+ are next to follow suit, with Disney CEO Bob Iger announcing that the streaming service is kicking off a restructure with a price increase and an updated policy on password sharing:

"We are actively exploring ways to address account sharing and the best options for paying subscribers to share their accounts with friends and family.

"Later this year, we will begin to update our subscriber agreements with additional terms and our sharing policies. And we will roll out tactics to drive monetisation sometime in 2024."

This was announced alongside the launch of a new cheaper, ad-supported subscription plan for customers in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.


This will give customers access to their different potential payment tiers, with different video and audio qualities, concurrent device availability and access to downloads. The new pricing for those customers is as follows:


The new Standard With Ads tier has already launched successfully in the US, with the new rollout for the UK kicking off on Wednesday 1 November. JOE reached out Disney+, who confirmed this new cheaper tier will not be made available for customers in the Republic of Ireland.

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