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15th Aug 2023

Biggest frustration for phone users might be a thing of the past

Rory Cashin

OneTouch Ace2 Pro

This has absolutely happened to each and every one of us…

We’ve all been there: you have to text someone while you’re caught in the rain, but the touchscreen on your phone has other ideas.

No matter where on the screen you touch, or how much you attempt to dry the screen with your also-wet sleeves, it simply will not respond in the way that you want it to.

Well, it looks like that frustration is about to come to an end, thanks to an innovation held within a new phone, called the OnePlus Ace2 Pro. And for their latest promotional video, they showed off what they’re calling the “Rain Water Touch” feature, in wet conditions alongside the iPhone 14 Pro. Check it out here:

The OneTouch Ace2 Pro in action

As reported by 9to5Google: “Modern touchscreens rely on capacitive tech to detect your finger. This uses electrical conduction to detect when and where your finger hits the screen and does so incredibly quickly. But, when the screen is wet, that detection is impacted because water also conducts electricity. This new design OnePlus is using is said to be powered by special touch algorithms and a custom chip inside to get around that.”

The OneTouch Ace2 Pro is launching in China this week, on Wednesday 16 August, priced at approximately €500. However, as reported by The Verge, the phone has yet to be confirmed for release elsewhere in the world:

“That said, in the past, OnePlus has given its phones a different monicker for some overseas releases, meaning it’s possible we could see the technology in the yet-unannounced OnePlus 12, which so far looks very similar to the phone at the end of the video above.”

Happy days for all of us rainy day texters!

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