Rumoured release date for new Nintendo console revealed 3 months ago

Rumoured release date for new Nintendo console revealed

New-tendo. Nintend-new. We're still workshopping this wordplay.

About a week after the news that a rumoured release date for the new PlayStation console has been revealed, now the same has happened for Nintendo... and it looks like they'll be arriving around the same time.


Since the Nintendo 64 dropped in 1996, there have been some very specific release windows between their consoles. Five years later, we get the GameCube. Another five years later, we got the Wii. Yet another five years later, we got the Nintendo 3DS. And then five (and a bit) years later, in 2017 we got the Nintendo Switch.

We're now six years on from the Switch arriving, and the sales on that handheld console have begun to cool thanks to the arrival of the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X|S, and the Valve Steam Deck, despite the Switch still releasing some of the best games around.

And so at a time when a Nintendo console should be arriving, we've yet to hear any confirmation of one even on the horizon. Except a new report flagged by The Verge reveals that the rumoured release date might have been revealed.

As per the report, "the new console could feature a cheaper LCD screen instead of a higher-end display like the OLED Switch and continue to include a cartridge slot for loading games. Nintendo executives also hope that the [Christmas] 2024 release window will ensure the console won’t have inventory issues like the ones that plagued the launch of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5."


However, as we previously reported, the new PlayStation console is also rumoured to be arriving in November 2024, which would put the two consoles in direct competition with each other. Going to be an interesting Christmas next year, for sure...

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