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13th Jul 2023

One of the 90s most famous games is finally making a comeback

Rory Cashin


We never thought we’d see the little guy ever again!

Ever heard of the 3DO? No? Don’t worry, not many others have either. A console that was originally produced by Panasonic in 1993, before being taken over by Samsung and then shut down by 1997, it is a footnote in the long history of games and gaming.

However, the one big thing to mention is that it was the console that introduced the world to Gex, a platform game released in 1995, that proved to be so popular it was ported over for the PSOne, PC and the Sega Saturn (remember that one??).

Created by the same studio who also gave us legendary games like Tomb Raider and Legacy Of Kain, the idea was for the new 3DO to have their own mascot to rival Sonic or Mario. While it obviously didn’t quite work out that way, Gex has remained in the public conscious for the decades since then, and he’s about to make a comeback…

1995’s Gex, 1998’s Gex: Enter The Gecko, and 1999’s Gex: Deep Cover Gecko are all to be re-released in a re-mastered format on modern consoles by Limited Run during their 2023 showcase this year.

Alongside the super spy lizard, Limited Run also announced remastered rereleases for a collection of Jurassic Park games, as well as classic J-horror Clock Tower.

While a specific release for the Gex Trilogy has not yet been released, the collection is set to debut on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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