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03rd Jul 2023

The Last Of Us Part III rumours are now in full swing

Rory Cashin

Part III

Potentially some big changes ahead…

There have been rumours about The Last Of Us Part III since practically seconds after Part II arrived in 2020. The first sequel arrived seven years after the first game in the series, so another sequel arriving so quickly seems unlikely, but we can’t discount anything right now.

While there has been confirmation of a multiplayer game set within The Last Of Us world since 2018, the most recent news on that came in May this year, when Bloomberg reported the following:

“The team working on the game was scaled back after a recent evaluation, said the people, who asked not to be named because they weren’t authorised to speak publicly. A small group remains on the project while the company reevaluates the direction. While the game has not been canceled, many of its developers have been moved to other projects.”

One of those other projects was rumoured to be The Last Of Us Part III, and Daniel Richtman revealed some reportedly leaked information about the threequel.

In the same way that (spoilers for 2020 game incoming) Joel was not the main character for Part II, (potential spoilers for unreleased and unmade game incoming) Ellie is apparently not going to be the lead character for Part III.

The story will apparently be set within an abandoned Victorian house in the middle of a ruined city, which will serve as the base for a group of scavengers. According to the report, game developers Naughty Dog are currently casting for five lead roles as part of this scavengers group. As per gaming forum Resetta, here is the breakdown for the new characters:

Part III

How much of this will prove to be accurate, or if it is accurate but actually applicable to the multiplayer for The Last Of Us, remains to be seen.

But the fact that the rumour mill is now officially up and running properly for Part III has got us very excited, even if the game itself is unlikely to arrive until 2027.

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