The Backbone PlayStation mobile controller is a solid remote option 8 months ago

The Backbone PlayStation mobile controller is a solid remote option

A remote gamer's dream.

With the rise of the Nintendo Switch and the dynamic gameplay it provides, it's no wonder that devices like the Backbone are becoming more popular across other consoles.


What the Backbone PlayStation edition provides is essentially a handheld gaming experience for PS4/PS5 owners that want to game remotely without the use of a TV or console. While it was previously only available for IOS owners, there is now also an Android version at the ready.

First impressions

Straight out of the pack, the Backbone impresses. It feels sturdy and solid, the buttons click satisfyingly and it all feels very similar to a regular PlayStation controller. The one gripe some users may have is that the joystick placement is slightly off kilter, compared to the perfectly lined up left and right sticks on the official controller.

Other handy elements to the Backbone device is a charging port and headphone jack on the underside of either joystick.


Setup is fairly simple and all it requires is to extend the back end of the device and snap your phone into place. You then just need to setup the Backbone app and the PS Remote Play app. Once everything is sorted on that end you're good to go.

The joy of the Backbone is that it doesn't need to be charged and it doesn't need a carrier case like, say, a Nintendo Switch. It's simply an extension of your phone's gaming capability and it does its job well.

The gaming experience

As for the gaming itself, it feels just like you're playing off a console and, for someone who doesn't game remotely often, it definitely opens up the possibility of doing so more regularly. While playing directly off my phone never really appealed to me, the Backbone certain adds a strong buffer between my console and my phone.


Your overall experience, however, really stems down to what types of games you're playing and the reliability of PS Remote Play. Internet connection is always important and can make or break the user experience on the go. If you're playing more high-demanding games then you might have gameplay issues if you're not near a stable connection which can render the device a bit useless.

Retailing at €119, the Backbone can really differ in whether you think it's worth shelling out that much for depending on how you play. If you're big into playing on the go or you use PS Remote Play a lot, then the Backbone is just a more seamless and better experience. If you're looking for gaming on the go, this is the device for you.

The Backbone PlayStation edition for IOS and Android is available here.

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