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03rd May 2023

Rumour has it Sony is working on TWO new PlayStation consoles

Rory Cashin

playstation plus upgrade

The report states that the first of these will launch before the end of 2023!

Towards the end of 2022, we reported on a widely-shared rumour that Sony wouldn’t be releasing the PlayStation 6 until 2028, giving the PlayStation 5 a primary life-cycle of eight years, compared to the PSOne and PS2 which had six years, while PS3 and PS4 had seven years.

While that is still likely to be the case – and as with all things internet rumour’y, take all of this with an entire shaker of salt – another widely-shared rumour claims that Sony are currently working on not one but two variations of the PS5, with one of them reported to arrive before the end of this year.

As per Insider Gaming, both a PS5 Slim (although that probably won’t be its official title) and a PS5 Pro are in the works. As for the former, this is the outlet’s full breakdown on the product, which they predict will arrive in stores in September 2023:

“Although reports have dubbed the new PlayStation 5 as the PS5 Slim, Insider Gaming understands that the console will be almost identical to the PlayStation 5 but feature a detachable disc drive. In fact, it’s understood that the new PlayStation 5 will completely phase out the old design within a year. Although not confirmed by sources, we would hope to see the console revealed at the next PlayStation Showcase, but as you’ll see with other hardware in this list, it’s possible that the console could be revealed with some other hardware at a later date.”

And as for the PS5 Pro, which they tentatively predict is likely to not arrive until closer to Christmas 2024, this is what they’re reporting:

“[A]lthough the PlayStation 5 Pro could be canceled at any given time, Insider Gaming can report with a 100% degree of certainty that the PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development. Whilst we cannot report on any more specifics at this time, we understand that the first dev kit prototypes will be going to 1st party developers within the next couple of months, with 3rd party developers receiving them by the end of the year.”

Additionally, Sony are reportedly hard at work at four other PlayStation-adjacent, non-console devices, including two new types of audio hardware, one wireless earbuds and one wireless headset, as well as something titled the Q-Lite, which will basically be a PS5 controller with a built-in screen allowing for Remote Play.

All of these are predicted to arrive before 2023 is out, including a new controller under the working title Project Leonardo, which they officially unveiled three months ago, and you can check out that device introduction below.

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