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24th Nov 2022

Sony reportedly reveals when the PlayStation 6 might arrive in stores

Rory Cashin

Don’t go adding it to your Christmas lists this year just yet…

Yes, while most of us are still very much getting to grips with our PS5, a new document reveals when the PlayStation 6 might actually be arriving in stores.

But first, some background:

There is currently an investigation into Microsoft’s $68 billion buyout offer of Activision Blizzard, a deal that Sony is strongly objecting to, which has led to the Competition and Markets Authority reviewing the situation.

One of the biggest sticking points appears to be that once the buyout goes through, PlayStation owners will no longer have access to the Call of Duty franchise, which is something that heads at Xbox have denied will happen.

In a passage from Sony regarding the buyout (the public, redacted version of which can be found here), they state the following:

“[By the time we] launched the next generation of its PlayStation console… [we] would have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision titles”.

In the redacted version, that specific date isn’t verified, but games industry analyst Piers Harding-Rolls stated that the year they feared COD would no longer be available for PS gamers is 2027, meaning that the PlayStation 6 is likely to arrive in 2028.

As the current generation launched in 2020, that would give the PS5 an eight-year primary life-cycle (PSOne and PS2 had six years, PS3 and PS4 had seven years) before the arrival of the next console.

So, yeah, we’ve got a good long time with the PS5 just yet.

Especially since we’re all going to be playing God Of War Ragnarok over Christmas…