Ginger emojis have finally arrived 4 years ago

Ginger emojis have finally arrived

We've done it, we've finally done it.

In what should be great news for absolutely loads of Irish people, ginger people can now be reflected in emoji form.


This has been a long, arduous process for a number of red-heads. There was even a petition started three years ago. Three years! Justice at last.

Here's a first look at them, what do you think?

The new emojis are available as part of the latest update, so some people have them already, but if you haven't received them yet, don't worry. They're coming.


It's not just good news for gingers though, bald people are finally being represented in the world of emojis too.

Here's all the new emojis that we'll be getting soon.

Badgers, skateboards, pirate flags, salt shakers and afros are among some of the new emojis. And gingers, don't forget gingers.


Now we can celebrate by listening to Ed Sheeran and Macklemore on repeat.