Snapchat might just regret this big gamble it took with one of its angriest users 4 years ago

Snapchat might just regret this big gamble it took with one of its angriest users

Okay, this is basically the story of Saint Bridget only with Tweets instead of a blanket.

Can we all admit that the updated version of Snapchat was a horrible idea?



The app's recent redesign, which made finding the Stories section much harder sparked such fierce anger that users began uninstall the app en masse in the hopes that they might find a way of retrieving the old version.

One user however was driven so crazy by the update that he messaged the app's main profile in order to persuade them into reverting to the older layout.

"Hey Snapchat, this update is terrible", the user, Isaac Svobodny wrote. "How many RT's would it take for you to change it back?"


Probably assuming Isaac's good fight would get no more than a few hundred retweets, they responded:

"Though we have been receiving many complaints on the new layout, we understand that it just may take some getting used to. If it appears to be a general consensus that people want the old format back, we will take that into consideration. As far as retweets go, how does 50,000 sound?"

Keeping in mind, no number will probably have any affect (also why would Snapchat agree to use another social media platform?), Isaac posted the exchange on 9 February.

In the space of a week, the Tweet has since been retweeted 1.5 million times.


Yes, you saw that right.

It has since gone on to become the fifth most popular Tweet of all time, right behind Barack Obama, Louis Tomlinson, Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie and a similar Tweet-off between Wendy's and user Carter Wilkerson.


Just like when the King of Leinster told St. Bridget that she could build a church on a piece of land the size of her quilt, the sarcastic head honcho officially got served here.

Your move, Snapchat. Your move.

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