Snapchat will be testing out a series of unskippable ads this May 4 years ago

Snapchat will be testing out a series of unskippable ads this May

Just in case we forgave them for the redesign.

Snapchat hasn't exactly been beloved by its users in recent months.


The now-infamous February updates rubbed people up the wrong way so much so that, in an effort to curry favour, the platform announced that it would be officially re-designing the redesign. Then, Snap Inc.'s market value plummeted by roughly $1.5 billion after Kylie Jenner announced that she was officially over the platform.

As more and more celebrities began jumping ship, in April the company decided to pivot a little, by not only taking out television adverts, but also re-branding themselves as family-friendly social platform.

Clip via - Snapchat


And yes, the tagline "A New Kind Of Camera" does sound like the exact thing you tell your grandparents giving up on all other descriptions, while attempting to introduce them to the app.

Now, in an effort to boost revenue, Snapchat will be testing a series of unskippable adverts.

That's right. Another social media platform, which once prided itself on never running ads is now officially running ads.

Unlike YouTube though, which by-and-large only subjects you to a five-second minimum, Snapchat's 'Commercials' will be six-seconds and mandatory.


"They’re aware people will have to get used to it," a source with direct insight into the test told Digiday. "That said, so much of the Snapchat generation has gotten accustomed to watching ads to get content."

The 'Commercials' will be rolled out on a trial-basis from 15 May, and are set to run in select Snapchat Shows, rather than the Discover editions or users' personal stories.