Stop Everything! There's going to be a Football Manager movie based on the game 6 years ago

Stop Everything! There's going to be a Football Manager movie based on the game

The documentary will examine the game's impact on football culture and its influence within the professional game.

There are certain games that are so amazing that they end up consuming every aspect of JOE's life. For example, we have spent countless hours playing Goldeneye, FIFA and Resident Evil, but these three games offer nothing when compared to Football Manager.

We're fairly sure that Real Madrid won't be calling us if they decide to replace Carlo Ancelotti, but the amazing managerial simulation game is the next best thing.

This new upcoming film, entitled An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary, will be screened for one night only on Tuesday 7 October.

Speaking about the documentary, developer Miles Jacobson said: “The documentary isn’t our story, it’s the story of the people who escape to the alternative reality of being a football manager, and the effect this has had on their lives. It’s also the story of how a computer game made by football fans has become a part of the world it set out to replicate."

So far the film is only screening in the UK, but the makers are encouraging fans to get in touch with them if they want the film to be screened in their own local cinema, which you can do so here.

If that doesn't work then fear not, the film will be made available for download straight after the screenings and it will also include a brief demo of the new features in Football Manager 2015.

Bring it on we say.

Image via - Digital Spy