There's now a job where you can get paid to play Fifa 3 years ago

There's now a job where you can get paid to play Fifa

Know anyone that could be interested?

Remember when your parents said that playing video games was an unnecessary distraction from your studies? Well, they're completely wrong - sorry mam and dad - because there's now a dream job that will pay you to play Fifa.


Yep, cancel any Valentine's Day plans with your partner and plonk yourself on the couch because it's time to sharpen those skills. Hey, it's for work reasons! Nobody can get mad at you for that.

The company that recently launched the Call of Duty professional player and coach service has now launched a coaching service for the world’s most popular football game after customer feedback said that should be the next game to offer professional coaches.

At present, the company is recruiting talented Fifa players to sign up as coaches. Regarding the pay that's on offer, successful applicants can expect to earn a minimum of £15/€16 hour for their services.

The service is launching after the success of’s Call of Duty Pro Players service, which saw thousands of requests for Pro Players through the site, as well as nearly 1,500 signups from Pro Players. Customers will be asked specific questions related to the particular areas of the game they’d like assistance with and/or how they feel a coach can best help them. There will also be an option for the Pro Coaches to spectate matches and provide real-time, in-play advice to players.

Anyone that signs up to become a Professional Fifa Coach will be required to provide proof of their level and ability before being eligible to earn. They will also need to provide a photo ID, have a working PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a gaming PC, and a strong wireless connection.

Members of the public can sign up as Professional Fifa Coaches here. Best of luck!