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21st Sep 2017

These three hidden features on iOS 11 will make your life a lot easier

Check these out.

Alan Loughnane

Very useful indeed…

It’s a big deal, and iOS 11 is finally here and it brings with it some significant changes for iPhone users.

There was a lot of talk yesterday about the introduction of the ability to record screens without sound, even during video calls etc without alerting the other person. In an era of risqué snaps and the like, this could cause some problems between your sneaky bast*rds of friends.

But there’s also been the addition of a number of useful changes for users which should improve the user experience.

Some of these are obvious, and there are other more subtle additions. Here are some of them you might not have noticed.

One-handed keyboard

It’s a feature that’s been on the iPad for a long time but this is its first foray into the world of the iPhone.

In iOS 11, iPhone users can hold down on the globe button on their keyboard and shift it to the left or right of the screen to make it easier to type with one hand.

Leveling Tool

This handy little addition will help you to guarantee that your photo is exactly level.

Got to Settings > Camera and then switch on the ‘Grid’ option. Now, when you open your camera to take a photo, you’ll notice 2 + signs in the middle of the camera.

If you line these two up perfectly, it will mean that your photo is exactly level.


How irritating is it when somebody asks for the Wifi password in your house, but you didn’t take the time to change it to simple one so you’re stuck with a random code of upper and lower case letters with a smattering of random numbers.

But, there’s a new feature on iOS 11 that will make this process far easier.

When two iOS devices are running iOS 11 in close proximity but just one of the devices is connected to the Wifi, you will receive a   notification if the other device tries to join the network and you’ll be able to share the password with them.

If you allow it, the user is able to join without having to type in the password.