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20th Sep 2017

There is a truly terrifying feature in the new iOS update

It's your worst nightmare confirmed.


If you have an iPhone, this is your worst nightmare.

The latest apple update for both the iPhone and iPad has been released and a lot of people are truly scared about a new feature on the iOS 11.

Anyone that has downloaded the new update onto their phone will notice that they are now able to capture and record the iPhone screen’s output.

Whether it is a Snapchat conversation or a FaceTime or Whatsapp video call, you are now able to catch the moment on your phone.

People have always been able to screenshot and when something was captured on Snapchat for example, the other person was notified about it.

However, with this new feature, those sending the Snapchat or Video call will not be notified that they are being recorded meaning that people could have your private and most graphic images in their possession without you knowing.

The Independent, tested out the new feature between two iOS 11 users and sadly, your deepest fears were confirmed to be true.

Josh Withey said that “after starting the screen capture I proceeded to make my FaceTime call, and tried to take additional screengrabs of the conversation, all without the person on the other end of the line knowing.

“When we finished, the entire video of our interaction was saved directly to my photos.”

We now live in a world where absolutely nothing is safe…

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