Apple will no longer give free dongles with new iPhones 5 years ago

Apple will no longer give free dongles with new iPhones

Did you know they were called dongles? We sure as hell didn't.

On Thursday evening we reported that Apple had unveiled three new phones that are set to go on sale this month.


The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR will be in stores by the end of September, and they will not come cheap.

The iPhone XS will cost you €1,179, the iPhoneXR, the price will be €879, and the iPhone XSMax, which is the most expensive, will set you back €1,279.

And that's not the last of the bad news that Apple are about to give to your wallet.

They also broke the news that new phones will no longer come with a free dongle.


Now you may be wondering what the hell a dongle is...

Well it's this thing.


A dongle is a device used to connect a pair of headphones into a new Apple device, as any pair of non-Apple headphones don't fit.


So the news that Apple is no longer giving a free one to customers with new phones will not be received too well, as it means that you will have to buy one of these, on top of an extremely expensive phone, and a pricy pair of headphones too.

And the things are so small that you can probably expect to lose it at some point.

Maybe buy two of them.

A dongle costs €5 from Apple's official store, which means that Apple will save that much on every single new phone that they're producing...