First details leaked for Apple's three new iPhones set to be launched in Late 2018 3 years ago

First details leaked for Apple's three new iPhones set to be launched in Late 2018

There was also the first details of their new Apple Watch, as well as new laptops and desktops.

At the end of August, we reported that Apple had set a date for the full announcement of... something. It was all very mysterious, in typical Apple fashion:


Now the first of the proper leaks of what people can expect from the announcement are beginning to arrive.

In just a few times, Apple-lovers will get their eyes on the company's newly revamped iPad Pros, Apple Watches with larger screens, a new entry-level laptop with a sharper screen, a pro-focused Mac mini desktop computer, and loads more besides.

However, there are also the first details on what is expected to be no less than three new iPhones, as per the report via Tic Toc, which describes them as follows:

  • An upgraded version of the iPhone X with a 5.8-inch screen, but adding a faster processor and upgraded cameras. This device is likely to be called the iPhone Xs, which would follow Apple’s naming approach for new iPhones that look like the previous models but add new bells and whistles. It’ll also come in gold, adding to the gray and silver versions from last year.


  • A larger version of last year’s iPhone X with a nearly 6.5-inch screen. That would make it one of the largest mass-market phones ever sold and about an inch larger than the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus. To signify the even larger screen, Apple is likely to give the phone a new name: "iPhone Xs Max," according to people familiar with Apple’s internal deliberations.


  • The third phone, a new low-cost version of the iPhone X, could be the hit of the product rollout. It’ll have a roughly 6.1-inch screen with LCD instead of newer OLED technology. It will also use aluminum instead of stainless steel edges, and come in several additional colors. Apple has considered calling the phone the "iPhone Xr," one of the people said.

We'll know for certain when Apple release the full line-up for our online inspection and judgement this Wednesday.