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13th Aug 2013

Video: Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Watch_Dogs

Hacking is going to be a big part of Ubisoft's hotly anticipated title, so here's a video to explain how it will work


Hacking is going to be a big part of Ubisoft’s hotly anticipated title, so here’s a video to explain how it will work

One of the games that really caught our attention at the launch of the PS4 in February was Watch_Dogs, and we’ve been watching (see what we’ve done there) out for any more news on it.

This latest trailer gets a look at how one of the game’s unique features, hacking, will work. Your character Aidan Pearce has the ability to hack into computers, phones…whatever the citizens of Chicago have on them, and this video shows how that will shape the game for the players.

As usual, this just has us hoping we’ll get our hands on this title sooner rather than later…

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