Video: Rockstar compares GTA V graphics on the PS3 & PS4... 7 years ago

Video: Rockstar compares GTA V graphics on the PS3 & PS4...

Have you been wondering if GTA V on the next-gen will be all that it’s cracked up to be? Well here’s a look at the official comparison between PS3 & PS4.


Following on from yesterday’s EPIC news that GTA V will be getting a first person shooter mode when it releases later this month on Xbox One and PS4, Rockstar has since released official footage from the game showing the comparison between PS3 and PS4 graphics.

Speaking about the move to next-gen, Rockstar said: “Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC has given us the chance to harness the power of these platforms to improve every aspect of the game.

“In addition to the all-new First Person Mode revealed yesterday, this means big technical changes like increasing the overall resolution and more than doubling the draw distance, as well as replacing every texture in the game and much more.”

It will be interesting to see just how different the game looks and plays compared to 2013’s GTA V, which we thought had pretty damn good graphics at the time, but until then you’ll just have to enjoy the video above.


Remember, GTA V releases on Xbox One and PS4 on November 18, and PC on January 27, 2015.