Video: Tired of being a person? Then check out Bear Simulator 2014 8 years ago

Video: Tired of being a person? Then check out Bear Simulator 2014

There’s a horrible bias in the gaming world as nine games out of ten see you playing as a person, but Bear Simulator 2014 is here to change all that…

If you head over to Kickstarter and have a look around the various projects that are looking for funding you’ll eventually come across Bear Simulator 2014, created by indie developer Farjay Studios.


Bear Simulator is currently only in the Alpha stage, which means there’s still A LOT of work to do, but judging by the game’s description on Kickstarter and by the video below, it genuinely looks like a decent idea…

According to Bear Simulator’s Kickstarter page: “The title gives you all you need to know as it's pretty much a bear simulator. You play in FPB (First Person Bear) and do bear things which include exploring, eating fish and plants, striking down anything that dare stand before your might, increasing your stats, sleeping and discovering mysteries of your forest home.”

The page also provides a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read): “It's like a mini Skyrim but you're a bear.”

You can, and should, find out more about the game and the surprising level of detail that’s gone into its conception over on Kickstarter, Twitter, and/or Facebook.


If bears aren't exactly your cup of tea then there's always Goat Simulator.