Want One: LG's sexy new 3DTV and HTC's powerhouse future 8 years ago

Want One: LG's sexy new 3DTV and HTC's powerhouse future

With the Consumer Electronics Show set to kick off 2012 with a bang, JOE's tech expert Leo Stiles has stumbled upon two of the standouts from the upcoming event.

By Leo Stiles

Its that time of year when the gods of gagetry and gizmos unleash a torrent of details on desirable tech toys both for Christmas and in anticipation of the Consumer Electronics Show in January. This week a couple of things caught our eye and while they might not see release this side of turkey season, anticipation for their arrival in 2012 starts right now.

Style over substance can often be an issue in any endeavor but when you take a gander at LG’s latest 3D HDTV, all thought of what it can do fade away as you gaze into its stunning design.

The 3D Cinema LM9600 doesn't impress by what LG brought to the party but rather with that they took away - the screen bezel, a part of television design that has been steadily shrinking for a decade.

Traditionally the black (or silver) borders that surrounded your TV screen were something that you just had to deal with and ranged from a coupe of inches to half a foot in some cases. The LM9600 on the other hand, has reduced this to almost nothing and if you squint at the above image, you might just be able to make out the slimmest of borders.

This makes the screen just pop out of the environment and along with its moulded chrome stand, the LM9600 is the most striking looking TV we have seen in a long, long, long time.

Its not all about the look because the LM960 is capable of passive high definition 3D images which work with the disposable (and cheap) glasses you might be familiar with from the cinema.

Don’t go looking for it in the shops just yet as the TV has not been publicly announced. The only reason we came to know about as through the CES Innovation Awards that jumped the gun before the official show kicks off in January. It’s just a pity that such a beautiful screen doesn't have a more beautiful name.

HTC’s Quad-Core Monster

It does appear that phone manufacturers are announcing and releasing new handsets every day but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore HTC’s latest super powered smartphone; a quad-core driven monster that they’ve dubbed, the Edge.

The Edge will be one of the first phones to run on NVIDIA’s next generation Tegra 3 multi-core CPU. The Tegra 3 contains four 1.5GHz cores running in tandem with 1GB of RAM, a level of power that should outperform many mid-range PCs and could well usher in home console quality graphics and games.

A 8MP 1080p camera is heavily rumored to be included, as is a screen resolution to rival the iPhone 4S and 32GB of storage as standard. If all this is true, then Nintendo and Sony are increasingly looking like they are going to be seriously squeezed in the handheld market; something that few would have predicted three years ago.