These were the most-watched YouTube videos in Ireland in 2019 4 years ago

These were the most-watched YouTube videos in Ireland in 2019

What a year it has been...

On the same day that Spotify dropped their 2019 Unwrapped feature - QUICK! SEE WHAT SONG YOU'VE BEEN LISTENING TO THE MOST! - YouTube have announced their 2019 Rewind, and the statistics specific to Ireland are... telling.


We've broken the top five down into the two categories; music videos and then pretty much everything else (that isn't published by a major music label).

On the music side of things, it skews pretty close to the Spotify 2019 lists that were announced earlier this week, but on the non-music video list, it seems that Irish people love watching Irish comedy as two of the top five on the list are from well-known Irish comedians.

The top five music videos were as follows:

1. 'Bad Guy' - Billie Eilish


2. 'Old Town Road' - Lil' Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus

3. 'Vossi Bop' - Stormzy

4. 'Dancing With A Stranger' - Sam Smith featuring Normani

5. 'Dance Monkey' - Tones And I


Meanwhile, the top five most-watched (non-music) videos were as follows:

1. No More Lies - James Charles

Clip via James Charles


2. Conspiracy Theories - Shane Dawson

Clip via shane

3. Could Have Been County - The 2 Johnnies


Clip via The 2 Johnnies

4. When Irish People Can't Speak Irish - Foil Arms & Hog

Clip via Foil Arms and Hog

5. Make this video the most liked on YouTube - Mr. Beast

Clip via MrBeast