13 best tweets from WWE SummerSlam last night 5 years ago

13 best tweets from WWE SummerSlam last night

One of the biggest events in the WWE calender took place last night and we look at some of the Twitter reaction...

SummerSlam took place in LA last night and as per usual we saw some crazy stuff unfold. There was a lumberjack match, twin sisters turning on each other and a silverback gorilla tearing another man in half in the ring.

Okay, it wasn't actually a silverback gorilla, it was Brock Lesnar. But he did come pretty close to tearing John Cena in half in a match that some people called the most one-sided of all time to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Anyway as always our favourite part of nights like this is the Twitter reaction so here are our 13 favourite tweets throughout the night.