25-year-old entrepreneur makes €53,557 in just 30-days without a full-time job 7 years ago

25-year-old entrepreneur makes €53,557 in just 30-days without a full-time job

Nick Walter is a young tech savvy entrepreneur who managed to earn more in one month than most people make in a year and he did it by simply teaching other people what he already knew…

A lot of people these days find it hard to get a job after finishing college, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn some (quick) cash with what you already know.


Take 25-year-old Nick Walter from Provo, Utah, for example.

Walter had previously trained to be an iOS developer, but his big break came when he was introduced to Udemy, an online course platform, by a close friend.

Back in 2013, Walter attended an Apple development conference where Swift, a new programming language, was introduced.

He then set about learning as much as he could about the new language and eventually set up his first Udemy course called, "Swift – Learn Apple’s New Programming Language Step by Step".


After attaining over 8000 students, Walter had the bright idea of setting up a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his next Udemy class titled: “iOS 8 and Swift - How To Make A Freaking iPhone App”.

Walter initially set the price of his latest course at $199 hoping to raise around $1,000 in the 30-day time period, but he decided to pre-sell it for just $29.

The deal was too good to pass up for over 1,700 backers and Walter ended up raking in a staggering $66,533 (€53,557) in one month to help create his second course.

It certainly is a rather interesting story and we wouldn’t be surprised if you stopped whatever it is you’re doing right now just so you can start your very own Udemy class – only if you have something worthy to teach the world, that is.


You can find out all you need to know about Udemy and the requirements for setting up your own course, along with taking part in others, over here.

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