Aidan O'Shea's fringe now has its own Twitter account 9 years ago

Aidan O'Shea's fringe now has its own Twitter account

Given that everyone in the GAA and even Brian O'Driscoll was talking about Aidan O'Shea and his fringe at the weekend, it was inevitable that what has become the most famous hairstyle in the GAA would get its own Twitter account. Introducing @FringeAidan.

The Mayo midfielder was rightfully lauded for his commanding performance against Donegal on Sunday, but arguably even more attention has since been paid to his fringe, which was even more prominent than usual on Sunday as it was almost encroaching on the Breaffy man's eyes thanks to the rain that descended on Croke Park in the second half.


Not since the corn rows on O'Shea's fellow county man Ciaran McDonald, the Colm Parkinson mullet or the long flowing locks of Galway hurler Gerry McInerney has a hairstyle commanded so much attention in the GAA and O'Shea was even good enough to exchange grooming tips with Brian O'Driscoll after the Irish rugby legend complimented both O'Shea and his haircut while watching the game on Sunday.

If that wasn't high profile enough, O'Shea's fringe now even has its own Twitter account, which so far consists only of pictures of famous fringes that aren't a patch on O'Shea's and questions to well-known inter-county players asking if they too would like a fringe like Aidan's.






Will the advent of the O'Shea Twitter account start a trend perhaps? How about one for Jack McCaffrey's Eoin McLove-style hairdo? Paul Galvin's beard, perhaps? Feel free to hit us with any other suggestions in the comment box below.