Aiden McGeady is the latest to hop aboard the anti-Roy Keane bandwagon 6 years ago

Aiden McGeady is the latest to hop aboard the anti-Roy Keane bandwagon

John Delaney told him to “get over himself” a couple of weeks back and now Aiden McGeady is the latest Irish football figure to have a pop at Roy Keane.

The former Irish international turned rent-a-quote was told to “get over himself” by the FAI Chief after once again dragging out the skeletons in the Saipan closet in recent weeks and now Royston has attracted the ire from Aiden McGeady for some criticism aimed at the Irish winger in a newspaper column.

Keane, who played with McGeady at Celtic for a brief spell, said that the Spartak Moscow winger “has threatened to become a top, top player, but hasn’t pulled up trees and needs to do more”.

Reminded of Keane’s barbs in Malahide yesterday, McGeady said that he hadn’t read or heard what he had to say, but mention of his name was enough for the 26-year old to tell everyone what he really thought.

"Roy Keane? He says enough anyway,” McGeady is quoted as saying in the Irish Independent.

“I played with him at Celtic and that was bad enough.

"He is just one of those guys who has something to say about everything. I got on with him as a guy, but he is just one of those guys who has an opinion on everything.


"I never saw it but they (former players) are entitled to their opinion. Over the qualifying campaign, I was probably not great in every game but I know – not being big headed – that I was probably one of the main players.”

McGeady, often harshly described as ‘McGreedy’ due to his penchant for holding onto the ball, comes into the Euros on the back of an indifferent campaign for Spartak Moscow and as a regular starter in the Irish XI, is probably fed up of hearing calls for Sunderland’s James McLean to start.

"There has been a lot of hype (about McClean), but it was the same with Seamus Coleman last year," McGeady added.

"They're both good players. I wouldn't put too much pressure on him, that's all I would say, he's still young.

"Myself and Duffer didn't play in most of those games just to say 'no problem, you just take my place for the Euros', but that's football, there will always be competition."

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