An essential price guide to Ibiza 7 years ago

An essential price guide to Ibiza

Heading to Ibiza this summer? We have the lowdown on the price of food, drink and everything else so you’ll know how many pennies to count before making the trip.

While Ibiza, or 'E-Beef-aaaa' as it’s often called by loud and very often annoying holidaymakers is renowned as something of a clubber’s paradise, there’s a lot more to the island than huge nightspots populated by internationally recognised DJ’s (although there are plenty of those too).

If you’re eating out, you can expect to devour a three-course meal for around €20, leaving you with a full belly and plenty of cash to splash in the early hours of the following morning. If not in the big nightclubs, where one beer can cost as much as €12 – you thought Temple Bar was bad? – one brewski will set you back around three quid, while a spirit and mixer can cost anything between €10 and €25.

When you’re not in the boozer, meanwhile, a bottle of mineral water, a bottle of soft drink or a cup of coffee all cost around the €1.50 mark.

In terms of places to go, Moe’s Sports bar and Grill located in Es Cana not only has a great name, but if also offers great value with prices ranging from €3 - €19 on a menu which includes some of the best steak in Ibiza.

Food is served throughout the day, including some lovely barbeque in the evening, while you can also shoot some pool and take in the game on one of the many big screen TV’s. The atmosphere is great, the drinks are cheap, the cocktails are said to be ‘totes amazeballs’ and the staff are lovely too. What more do you want?

If your pockets are deeper than most people's then you might want to try La Fontana in Santa Eulalia for some Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine... and some sangria, of course. The menu isn’t particularly expansive but everything on it is pretty sweet and you can expect to pay between €11 and €32 for a slap-up meal.

If you’ve been to Ibiza before, you’ve probably heard of Lineker’s bar in San Antonio and if you haven’t, you will soon after your arrival. Much as we want new experiences while abroad, we still don’t want to miss whatever sporting event might be going on at home and Lineker’s show live sport on their screens all day and is pretty much the perfect spot for a few pints.

Elsewhere, you’ll find some smaller cheaper bars down in the West end where there are no entrance fees and drinks are as little as €3 - €4. The Sunset strip is a must-see as well, where you’ll find famous bars including café del mar and café mambo, both of which enjoy great views and chilled out music supplied by some great DJ’s.

Remember, while a bottle of beer will only cost you a few quid in the smaller bars you can expect to pay around €6 in the sunset bars and up to €12 in a club, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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