Angela Merkel depicted as a Nazi on cover of Greek newspaper 11 years ago

Angela Merkel depicted as a Nazi on cover of Greek newspaper

Ever wanted to see Angela Merkel depicted as a Nazi? Well, it's your lucky day.


The unflattering image is the artistic interpretation of how one Greek newspaper is viewing the current troubles in Greece. At the moment, Greece is being ravaged by another round of austerity measures in order for the country to secure another bailout from the European Union. So basically, right now things in Greece aren’t exactly ideal.

Yesterday Greece’s Dimokratia newspaper ran this shocking front page to highlight just how angry the country is at increased financial difficulties and economic struggle. The front page came after the national government agreed to another round of severe cost-cutting measures to try and get Greece back on its feet.

These drastic austerity measures were required by other European leaders before they would agree to sign off on a plan that would give Greece another €130billion bailout. It was Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy who needed further convincing before they added their signatures to the plan.

It seems that in order to repay Merkel for finally agreeing to sign on the dotted line, this newspaper thought it was only fitting to Photoshop her standing in front of a swastika and dressed in full Nazi attire. Flattering.


The paper goes one step further and displays the word ‘DACHAU’ beneath the header of ‘Memorandum macht frei.’ The word Dachau is a reference to the first Nazi concentration camp that was opened in Germany during the war.

We doubt that Angela Merkel will be too pleased with this depiction.

While Ireland occasionally kicks up a bit of a fuss about our own bailout package, we’ve definitely got nothing on Greece.