Apocalyptic RAG week scenes at Eyre Square Supermac's 11 years ago

Apocalyptic RAG week scenes at Eyre Square Supermac's

Looks like the cancellation of Galway's RAG week didn't quite go to plan. New photos from last night show war-like scenes in Eyre Square.

Students celebrating what it now an unofficial RAG week converged on the Supermac's in the Square, obviously with an hankering for taco fries after their bender.


An unrecognisable Supermac's in Eyre Square

Those who couldn't get inside the fast food restaurant went mad outside and lit a flare, as you do. The video below shows just how exciting it can be when someone lets off a flare while you're off your tits.


According to the Galway Independent an agreement was reached at the start of the week. GMIT students agreed with their NUIG brethren's decision last October that cancellation of the event was the best idea.

But that didn't stop the students, most of whom ignore the Raise and Give part and mainly equate RAG week to an unbridled piss up. Facebook came to their rescue and they managed to organise an unofficial RAG week.

A number of youths were arrested in the city on Monday night as celebration began and Gardaí have warned there'll be more.

They Galway students are in good company, though. Their Waterford counterparts went on an epic takeover of the city last week. The future doesn't look so good for RAG weeks.


Images: Galway Independent