Audio: John Giles discusses Luis Suarez' tears, says players are "playing to the cameras" 7 years ago

Audio: John Giles discusses Luis Suarez' tears, says players are "playing to the cameras"

John Giles also contrasted the dignity of Manuel Pellegrini with Jose Mourinho's less classy approach.

The former Ireland manager and current RTÉ pundit feels that Manchester City will be deserving winners of the Premier League should they claim at least a point against West Ham on Sunday.


Giles, talking to Ger Gilroy on Off The Ball, kept special praise for David Silva - even above the prolific Yaya Touré - as well as Edin Dzeko.

On Liverpool, Giles feels that Brendan Rodgers naiveté in terms of defence ultimately cost his side the title.

"I don't think he concentrates on the defence or maybe doesn't have the knowledge to organize the defence in the way that they could be and should be.

"You listen to his comments after the Chelsea match, when he talked about parking buses, he said more or less that anybody could do that. That's not true. Mourinho does that better than anybody else and I think it showed that [Rodgers} didn't recognize the importance and the art of defending."

Finally, Giles stuck the boot into Luis Suarez for leaving the field in floods of tears after seeing Crystal Palace come back from 3-0 down to draw 3-3 on Monday.

The senior analyst feels that footballs crying has "become fashionable" in the modern game.

"The whole business is getting on my nerves, Ger," he said. "The whole thing is gone ridiculous. Why didn't Suarez get off the pitch, or Gerrard, or (John) the other night (against Atletico). I think Paul Gascoigne has a lot to answer for. I think it's too much.


"They're playing to the cameras, all of them."