Bailamos! Some of JOE's favourite Mexican music 7 years ago

Bailamos! Some of JOE's favourite Mexican music

From burritos to beaches, the Mexicans really are a great bunch of lads with a lovely country, and a few great musicians too

This week, we turn our attention to their lovely musical stylings, and our favourite Mexican artistes.

Cafe Tacuba (Cafe Tacvba)

With the lovely weather, we're feeling all sunshiney goodness and want to listen to a bit of ska-infused music, so we headed straight for the lads from Cafe Tacuba (or Cafe Tacvba as it's sometimes spelled) and their unique sound that mixes pop with traditional Mexican sounds. Here they are performing on MTV Unplugged back in the day, which was a pretty big platform for any artist.

Control Machete

Have you got a low-rider with hydraulics installed? Then this band simply has to be on your 6-CD changer in the back. There's quite a Cypress Hill vibe off of this track, 'Comprendes Mendes'

Carlos Santana

He's one of the most famous guitarists in the world, and aul Carlos has been banging out tunes for decades at this stage. Here's one of his most famous tracks, 'Oye como va'

Instituto Mexicano del Sonido

We quite like the video for this song 'El Microfono', mainly because it's a bit bizarre and strange, but the track is pretty catchy too. The mind behind this band is DJ Camilo Lara, who has been mixing traditional Mexican music with electronica, rap and more modern sounds, and has made a winning combo if you ask us.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

We couldn't leave this duo off the list, two of the most talented guitarists around. They also do an absolutely fantastic version of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway to Heaven', which is perhaps our favourite track of theirs. These lads have serious guitar tekkers, as they say.

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Mexico – the place to be.