Bill Cullen says The Apprentice will be back 9 years ago

Bill Cullen says The Apprentice will be back

Good news for Irish Apprentice fans as Bill Cullen has just told KFM that the show will be back somewhere down the line.

There was much weeping, in some quarters anyway, when news emerged on Tuesday that TV3 had pulled the plug on The Apprentice, the show that attempts to find a new employee for Bill Cullen.


TV3 Director of Programming Ben Frow was quoted in the Irish Independent about the cancellation and it sounded like he was pretty clear.

"Everything has a time and personally I am over The Apprentice and want to move on. It's been a hugely successful series, but it's a big juggernaut of a show which took up a great deal of schedule, which makes it hard to do new things."

But we all know that Bill Cullen is not a man to take being told ‘You’re fired’ lying down so he went on KFM this morning with Clem Ryan and according to the Dubliner, there’s life in the old programme yet.

Cullen told Ryan that the show was still popular, with 300-400,000 viewers and that ratings were not an issue for the show. He went on to say that the problem was sponsorship, and that usually the show had its partners sorted by March but that didn’t happen this year, hence the end of the series.

But Bill was sure that the makers of the show, Shinawil, would make an announcement soon and he was convinced the show would be back.

So, any budding Apprentices out there, shine up your shoes and prepare your pitches, your day in the sun in Bill’s boardroom may yet come to pass.