Bono takes time out from helping people by appearing on Big Brother 6 years ago

Bono takes time out from helping people by appearing on Big Brother

Bono recently took time out of his busy schedule to appear on the African version of Big Brother, but he was there to promote his charity ONE, so at least he wasn't skiving off.

‘Housemates… this is Bono. Please do not say s**t or f**k on live TV’... That’s how Bono should have started off his appearance on the African Big Brother, but sadly he didn’t. Instead he started off with “Hi there. This is your Irish rock star fan Bono.” Which doesn’t really make sense to us.

Anyway, the ‘Irish rock star fan’ stunned housemates when he appeared on their TV screens to speak to them about their garden, which they have to properly cultivate throughout the series as part of a task.

The task is being run by Bono’s ONE charity, which explains why he was on the screen in the first place. Speaking to the housemates he said: “I hear you’re growing and farming the future, and that the fruit is the hope and change that we’re all hungry for.”

Bono then went on to say, “Big love, big respect from Dublin Ireland and everyone in the ONE campaign”.

It was a pretty big deal for the housemates who all reacted as if they just met the Pope with one saying, “this is so surreal, I cannot believe it!”

The ONE charity hopes that the cultivation task will help with how other Africans use the land. The show broadcasts in over 40 different countries, so hopefully Bono was able to get the message across.