Breaking: Luis Suarez is back with Liverpool (kind of) 7 years ago

Breaking: Luis Suarez is back with Liverpool (kind of)

Is a surprise move back to the Merseyside club on the cards?

Sadly not for all you Liverpool fans... Suarez was only making a flying visit to the club's training ground in Melwood to say a proper goodbye to his former club. He also presented a certain Steven Gerrard with a signed Barcelona jersey to cruelly remind the Liverpool skipper of what they have lost.


JOE doesn't know exactly what happened but rumours are circulating that Liverpool tried to slip in a new contract under Suarez's pen while he signed the Barcelona jersey, but their attempt was unsuccessful. We will have more news on this Liverpool scheming as it breaks*...

*JOE would like to stress that it is entirely possible that this incident did not happen at all and in fact it probably didn't happen, because we just made it up...