British bobbies use panda tractor  9 years ago

British bobbies use panda tractor

Police in Dorset have been showing off what their new vehicle can do, by pulling trailers and holding up traffic for miles.

A 3.5 tonne tractor has been drafted in by the Dorset bobbies to help tackle rural crime. The vehicle designed for farming comes complete with flashing blue lights and high-visibility strips.


It’s all part of 'Operation Countryside', which is a new police drive to raise awareness of rural crime that has apparently become prevalent recently. Well, enough to bring in a 85hp Zetor Proxima tractor anyway.

Dorchester and Sherborne Neighbourhood Inspector Les Fry said, “This tractor will be used as a demonstration tool to raise awareness of rural crime in Dorset.

“We will be displaying it at shows and events in Dorset where we aim to engage with rural communities to make sure they do everything possible to reduce crime and make themselves less likely to become victims of rural crime.

“We hope this partnership will bring to the community's attention the increasing cost of rural crime.”

Actually, it’s all just a promotional gimmick to catch people's attention. The tractor has been lent to the fuzz free of charge to be used as a promotional tool to help raise awareness about rural crime. Tractor thefts and oil thefts are an increasing problem in rural areas but these bobbies are fielding good about their tractor initiative.