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16th May 2013

Cannes you believe it!? Man sneaks in to VIP party posing as Gwyneth Paltrow’s bodyguard

Man Sneaks In To VIP Cannes Film Festival Party By Pretending To Be Gwyneth Paltrow’s Bodyguard


Over the years we’ve all chanced our arm at one stage or another by trying to sneak our way in to a private party. And we’ve been mostly unsuccessful.

By Eoghan Doherty

The thing is though, that particular private party was probably being held in the upstairs, carpet-stained, function room of your local town dinge-bucket of a bar rather than being a classy, invite-only, VIP celebrity party for the Cannes Film Festival.

Check out the video below, because that’s exactly what French prankster Gonzague tried when he used the simple logic that, if he wears a fancy tux and acts like he’s looking after the famous star in question, no one will actually question his reason for being there.

Surely that simple prank couldn’t really work, could it?

It turns out it could. And don’t me Shirley.

Check out his initially unsuccessful “I’m Julianne Moore’s bodyguard” attempt, followed by his ridiculously successful “Now I’m Gwyneth Paltrow/Giorgio Armani’s bodyguard.”

Who knows, maybe they’ll get Kevin Costner to play him in the French film adaptation of this clip? And maybe they’ll get Whitney Houston to pla… never mind.