Close Encounters of the Tribe Kind. Was there a UFO over Galway this weekend? 9 years ago

Close Encounters of the Tribe Kind. Was there a UFO over Galway this weekend?

A man in Galway claims he saw a UFO floating around his house in the early hours of Saturday morning. Anyone else see it?

Galway has been a busy spot of late. The Volvo Ocean Race has just left, they have brought the Bob O’Keeffe Cup to the City of the Tribes for the first time and the Arts Festival is just about to kick off. But it seems that there was another close encounter of late out west.


According to today’s Irish Daily Star, a man in Headford is convinced he saw a UFO on Saturday. Paul Johnston claims that he stepped outside his back door at 1.50am to have a cigarette and he saw a bright flying object which remained here for five minutes before zooming off.

Johnston, 42, told his tale to Colm Hayes on 2FM yesterday and a group called UFO Paranormal Research Ireland are investigating.

Before you ask, Johnston confirmed that he wasn’t drinking and that he is sure it wasn’t a more normal celestial body.

“It was just something out of this world,” he said. “I looked left of the North Star and could see something very far away that seemed to be stationary, but had an orange light on the left and a blue light on the right.

“It definitely wasn’t an aeroplane or a satellite and it seemed to be an object that had some sort of body or shape. It wasn’t a Chinese lantern. I’ve seen them."

This isn’t the first UFO Johnston has seen either, as he claims to have witnessed another one when he was just eight.

So, anybody out in the Headford area on Friday night/Saturday morning? Did you see anything? Let us know below.