Derry judge blames "Ninja Turtles" for "martial arts" attack 10 years ago

Derry judge blames "Ninja Turtles" for "martial arts" attack

Young men shouldn’t try to be heroes in a half-shell. That’s according to a Derry judge.

Having convicted a 22-year-old man for drunkenly brandishing a circular saw and getting a police officer in a headlock along Rosemount Avenue on 14 July, Judge Barry McElholm said young men were obsessed with martial arts "and by Ninja Turtles".


The BBC reports on Eamonn Coll, from Inishowen Gardens, who was nabbed by cops for the offences and also possessed three bags of herbal cannabis when arrested.

Clearly, however, the judge at Londonderry Magistrates' Court isn’t aware that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were once popular with seven-year-olds about 15 years ago and that "young men" are more into cage fighting than karate classes nowadays.

Sentencing has been adjourned.