Donal O'Grady quits as Limerick boss 9 years ago

Donal O'Grady quits as Limerick boss

The former Cork manager has decided to leave his position as boss of the Limerick senior hurling team

A row with the county board has led to the shock departure of Donal O'Grady as the co-manager of the Limerick senior hurling team late last night.


Donal O'Grady told The Irish Examiner in an exclusive statement that both he and TJ Ryan "sought an immediate meeting with county board officers when certain statements at a recent board meeting appeared in the press".

Those statements apparently involved O'Grady apologising for "abysmal" performances in the league, after which the board met with O'Grady and Ryan, and agreed to make a statement denying such an apology ever happened, as it "completely undermined the efforts of the players who had worked tremendously hard over the winter to advance the cause of Limerick senior hurling".

No such statement has been made in the ten days since, which has caused the media to continue to report it as the truth, and left O'Grady with "no option" but to step down. The full statement can be read on The Irish Examiner.

While the county board decides what steps to take next, TJ Ryan will continue on in his role as manager.


Hat-tip to The Irish Examiner