Eamon O Cuiv caught napping at Fianna Fail manifesto launch (VIDEO) 10 years ago

Eamon O Cuiv caught napping at Fianna Fail manifesto launch (VIDEO)

Fianna Fáil frontbencher Éamon Ó Cuív was caught dozing off as his party leader Micheal Martin presented the FF manifesto to the press.

Ó CuÍv, who last month ran for leader of the party his grandfather Eamon De Valera founded, fell asleep as journalists were told of Fianna Fáil's plan to cut ministerial wages, co-opt people from outside the Dáil into Cabinet and to ultimately do away with the Seanad.


Fianna Fáil are extremely unlikely to form the next government, meaning that the manifesto is extremely unlikely to be put into practice - which might explain why Ó Cuív wasn't listening particularly intently.

The Minister for Social Protection had his own explanation for his snooze, explaining via Twitter (tweeting for only the second time) that he'd had just four hours' sleep the previous night.

He apologised and said that he was canvassing on Inis Mór on Sunday, got back to Dublin very late, and was in the Dáil by 7.45am on Monday morning.

Unfortunately for hardworking Ó Cuív, his nap was caught on camera, as the YouTube clip below shows (in the background, from around the 16 second mark).