Facebook confirms that Instagram now has video sharing 6 years ago

Facebook confirms that Instagram now has video sharing

Facebook had a big fancy event yesterday to confirm what had been suspected for a while, that they would be adding Vine-style video sharing to Instagram

If you're an Instagram user, you might have noticed that they've added a fancy little video icon in their latest update that allows you to share video footage, just like Vine does.

Here's a handy little ad with lots of people sharing all their videos to show how it works, ah sure isn't it only lovely.


The main differences between this and Vine are the fact that you can add Instagram style filters, as well as the fact that your can share up to 15 seconds of video, instead of just six.

There are also other key differences in that Instagram's new video service is not looped, and it will just appear as a regular photo with a video icon on your feed.

With 130 millionĀ  users, Instagram already has the upper hand in the video sharing market, but Vine still has the strength of it being slightly shorter and perhaps more instant, in the same way Twitter is. We'll have to wait and see who wins this battle.