Five of the best and five of the worst free-kick routines in history 9 years ago

Five of the best and five of the worst free-kick routines in history

In honour of Thomas Müller...

We love a bit of inventiveness here at JOE, and while Thomas Müller's humble attempt ended in disaster last night, we applaud the German ingenuity when it comes to taking free-kicks. It got us talking here in JOE Towers and we decided to trawl back through our archives to bring you the very best free-kick routines... along with some of the biggest howlers in history.


So sit back and enjoy... or wince. Whichever is more appropriate.

One of the best: First up for the best category comes from Japan where Kyoto Sanga created one of the most elaborate free-kick routines ever seen.

One of the worst: There are simply no words to describe this, but we feel it is important to add that the player made a full recovery from his knock.


One of the best: Unbelievable tekkers! We don’t know where his comes from and frankly we don’t care, we just appreciate the genius of it.

One of the worst: This incredible mix-up comes from Levante v Villarreal in La Liga earlier this year.


One of the best: From the German fourth division, RW Essen perfectly pulled a fast one on Fortuna Düsseldorf.

One of the worst: This mix-up from the French Cup is easily one of the biggest cock-ups on a soccer pitch for quite some time.


 One of the best: Wolverhampton Wanderer David Jones hits this absolute peach of a free- kick against Stoke City.

One of the worst: We love Lord Bendtner here at JOE, so we felt it was only fitting he got a spot in our top five... albeit on the worst side.


One if the best: Our final spot in the best category goes to the doozy that Argentina scored against England in 1998, a superb move on the biggest stage helped the Argentines to victory over our across-the-water neighbours.

One of the worst: Obviously not a routine, but this little gem of defending from Zaire v Brazil in 1974 is impossible to leave out.

Have we forgotten any? Let us know...