Flooding in Malahide? That's a paddlin' 11 years ago

Flooding in Malahide? That's a paddlin'

We had been warned that there could be some flooding today. Here’s pictorial proof from Malahide in Dublin.

A combination of heavy rain and a high tide meant that coastal parts of Dublin, among other places, were in danger of flooding today. And it seems those warnings were well founded as these pictures show.


The first (main pic) via @Martymillernova, shows how bad the floods are on his road.

This second snap, via @Fingalcoco appears to show the same road, Estuary Road in Malahide, a little later in the day, when even more water has come in.

At least these people have boats to get around. Let’s hope it doesn’t get any worse and a bit of canoeing is the extent of the drama there today.