Full house folks. Kilkenny v Tipperary (inevitably) sold out 10 years ago

Full house folks. Kilkenny v Tipperary (inevitably) sold out

It’s probably the biggest ever game in the hurling qualifiers since the backdoor was introduced and it’s no real surprise that Saturday’s meeting between Tipperary and Kilkenny has already sold out.

The rivalry between both sides has defined the hurling championship in the last few years and although many would have expected them to meet at some stage in this year’s Championship, few would have expected it to be in the first weekend of July.


With Tipp losing to Limerick in Munster and Dublin defeating Kilkenny after a replay in Leinster, that’s how it’s turned out, however and Nowlan Park will be packed to the rafters on Saturday to see which of the leading contenders for Liam McCarthy will be gone out of the Championship a lot earlier than they would have predicted.

The GAA ticket office confirmed today that all tickets have been sold for the game and supporters have been urged to turn up at the Kilkenny venue earlier than the 7pm throw-in, and unless you’re one of the lucky supporters who already have a ticket, or can somehow manage to beg, borrow or steal one between now and the game, you’ll just have to be content to watch it on the box, we’re afraid.