Gardai prepare for massive crowd at Dublin protest march 10 years ago

Gardai prepare for massive crowd at Dublin protest march

Gardaí in Dublin are preparing for the massive crowd of protesters expected to turn out for the Irish Congress of Trade Unions’ (ICTU) march in the city this Saturday.

Gardaí have released a statement detailing the measures they have taken to ensure the march goes off peacefully, as well as travel advice for areas that might be affected.


“Our priority on Saturday is to ensure that the people who travel to Dublin city centre to take part in the ICTU demonstration can do so safely and peacefully,” said chief superintendent Michael O'Sullivan. “In light of the large attendance expected, it is important that everyone observes instructions from the ICTU stewards and gardaí as the march moves along its route from Wood Quay to the GPO on O'Connell Street.”

O’Sullivan continued, “We are also very conscious that normal business will continue in the city centre on Saturday and we are working with the traders and city centre businesses to minimise disruption to their workers and customers. A traffic management plan has been put in place to notify people travelling into the city of road closures etc.”

However, gardaí will be faced what is expected to be a massive crowd of disgruntled protesters.

“Democracy is about more than just voting in elections once every five years,” said Jack O'Connor, president of the ICTU. “We must not stand idly by while the final nail is driven into the coffin. We can influence the outcome by turning out and joining the march for 'A Better, Fairer Way’ in Dublin on Saturday, 27 November.”

Details of the protest, including the route the march is to take, can be viewed here.