Geezer's gone as Kildare decide not to hold on to McGeeney 6 years ago

Geezer's gone as Kildare decide not to hold on to McGeeney

The Kildare footballers will soon be on the lookout for a new manager after club delegates decided against holding on to Kieran McGeeney at a meeting of the County Board this evening.

McGeeney's future had been the subject of some speculation going into the meeting but it had been thought that, with the widespread support of the current squad, many of whom took to Twitter to express their support for McGeeney in recent days, that he would remain on for at least another season, although some clubs and members of the county board were believed to be actively encouraging a change.

It is understood that a motion was tabled that McGeeney remain on in charge of the county senior and under-21 teams for, potentially, two more years but that motion was defeated by a single vote (29-28).

While he didn't win any silverware during his time in charge, McGeeney guided the Lilywhites to five All-Ireland quarter-finals and an All-Ireland semi-final, earned promotion to Division One the season before last and kept them there this year and is widely credited with being behind the obvious improvement in the conditioning of the Kildare side in recent years.

What the future holds for McGeeney is unclear but given the sterling reputation he earned as a player and because of what he's achieved with Kildare in recent years, we imagine that it won't be long before he's a prominent figure in GAA circles once again.